Journey to Out-Of-Time
for two pianos and small orchestra
A tone poem on photographs by Paul Monaco

Instrumentation: 1111 21 2pianos strings
Duration: c. 22:30

This Demo Video is intended only for the purposes of demonstrating a possible video of selected photographs by Paul Monaco, used as inspiration for the composition. The photos in the video are low resolution, and the audio file uses Garritan virtual instruments. It is my intent to explore professional resources to produce a video with high resolution images, which can be triggered by musical events during live performance. If this is not feasible, a fully professional video will be made using a recording of the live performance.

Please note that the photo images first appear after the opening cello solo.

To follow the score at the same time as watching the video, open a duplicate tab and click the Score PDF link.

I'lana Cotton is a composer, improviser and pianist who has created works for a broad range of genres, from solo piano to small chamber groups to large choral and instrumental ensembles. She holds a Master of Arts degree in composition from the University of California at Los Angeles. Ongoing interest in world music led her to study both Javenese gamelan and north Indian classical vocal technique. As a San Francisco Bay area resident for many years, she was active throughout the area as a modern dance accompanist, composer, and music educator. Since moving to southern Oregon in 2003, she has written over 35 works for Rogue Valley musicians and ensembles, including four commissions for the Siskiyou Singers, a large community choir. The Rogue Valley Symphony commissioned Cantus, a large-scale work for orchestra, in honor of its 50th anniversary season, which was premiered in October, 2017.