NTM Spiral Music 


Solo Performance

Tectonic Slow Dance (5:07) Solo concert in Ashland OR (2011) Listen
Opening (3:53) and Closing (2:26) Solo concert Jacksonville OR (2004) Listen
Songs for the Journey CD (2003)
Solo concert at Palo Alto Cultural Center, CA (1999)
"Mystique of Haiti" Art Exhibit, Skyline College, San Bruno, CA (1991)
"Musical Portraits" recordings in response to individual's stories, Menlo Park CA (1989-90)
"I'lana Odyssey" concerts, Berkeley and Palo Alto, CA (1988)
Skyline College Faculty Concert, San Bruno, CA (1988)
"Grand Piano Show" Los Altos CA community TV production (1988)
My Job (4:21) and Fruit (6:26) Marin Community Playhouse concert, San Anselmo CA (1985) Listen
Solo concerts at Palo Alto Cultural Center, CA (1987, 1983)

Ensemble Performance

Rogue Valley Peace Choir, Applegate Choir, 3 Rivers Chorale concerts, Rogue Valley, OR (2006-10);
    Methodist Church events and readings, Redwood City, CA (1999-2003)
Rafiudin Grinage (dilruba, koto, cello, double bass) SF Bay area (1987)
Ian Dogole (doumbek, talking drum) in Palo Alto concerts (1987, 1983)
Hélica Ensemble. Structured improvisation with multi-image slide projection.
    Director and producer, Cotton; with percussionist Ian Dogole, saxophonist
    William Trimble and photographer Gayle Curtis. SF Bay area (1984-85)

Performance with Other Artists

Modern Dancers:
Dance class accompanist: Lucas Hoving, Margaret Jenkins, Aaron Osborne, Joe Goode, Jill Flittie,
    Stanford Univ. Dance Division, Judith Komorske, Marin Ballet, Mills College,
    Univ. of San Francisco, Palomar College (1977 to 2003)
Dance concert performances with dancer/choreographers Vanessa Nowitsky,
    Jancy Limpert Cantus (5:27) (1994) Listen, Mary Neuru, Palomar College Dance Dept and
    Jill Flittie Performance Ensemble. (1977-present)

Lawson Inada, Jacksonville, OR (2004)
Waverly Writers, Palo Alto, CA (1982)
Dave Caserio, poet and mime with Crazy Quilt Mime Company, San Diego, Los Angeles (1980)
   SF Bay area (1987, 1988)

Photographer: Gayle Curtis, with Hélica ensemble, SF Bay area (1984-85)

Teaching Keyboard Improvisation

The Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore MD, (2004) Artist-In-Residence. Conducted improvisation workshops
    to students in a broad range of artistic curricula - in dance, art, music, creative writing classes.
Private studio teaching, Menlo Park, CA and Medford OR (1984-present)
Oregon Music Teachers' Association: "Teaching Improvisation," Rogue Valley District meeting, (2004)
Music Teachers' Association of California: Branch lectures, "Imagery and Improvisation" (1987-2002);
    "Imagery and Improvisation," 1993 State Convention, San Jose, CA; "Teaching Improvisation from
    a Classical Standpoint" 1989 State Convention, Sacramento, CA
Community School of Music & Arts, Mt. View, CA; and Palo Alto Music Inst., Palo Alto, CA (1984-88)

Publications and Recordings for Teachers

Music of the Moment, A graded approach to the art of keyboard improvisation,
    Levels One and Two (1991)
Improvisations for Modern Dance (60' cassette) Piano improvisations, for dance/movement
    in the classroom (1981)